Becoming a Supworker

As a startup we are bent on creating technology and improvising innovations to produce the world’s leading home cleaning app to better serve a community of home cleaners and their clients.

Some core problems we are creating solutions for when it comes to our supworkers are the problems of customer/client acquisition and lead generation as a whole, without the need for expensive ads, marketing or any form of sales, your clients basically come to you.

Although, still in a Beta stage, we have created this product to test our hypothesis. This product is designed to run on whatsapp, the easiest platform for communication.


  • This is a minimum viable product and is not meant to be perfect in any way.
  • Potential Supworkers for this product are selected and vetted before registering. If you were not selected and vetted, please send us an email at [email protected] expressing your interest and a Supwork official will attend to you.
  • This product is being ran in a controlled environment.

  • You will be required to fill out and submit a simple registration form to work with us as a Supworker. The following will be requested;

     * First name and last name

     * Valid and most used email address

     * Your current location (this is an important detail which will determine the jobs you get)

     * Valid WhatsApp phone number.

  • Upon submission, you will be required to enter a verification code which will be sent to the WhatsApp phone number you provided.
  • Supwork receives your details after signup and stores them on our database for future references and to enable you to access our service. Details such as your city and WhatsApp phone number enables Supwork send the right cleaning requests your way.
  • After a successful signup and initial login to your Supworker portal, Supwork automatically changes your status on our database to ‘available’ and enables you to start receiving requests.

You will receive an intro message from us;

Welcome to the Supwork demo!

You will be getting cleaning requests here. To accept any requests whenever you receive one, please reply the request with the #command that will be requested.

Supwork picks the first worker to reply.

To cancel a job you accepted, please send #cancel

Please note that you will not get further requests until your current or previous job has been ended by the client 

We wish you the best of luck.

Thank you. 

If you do not receive this message it means there is a problem with the WhatsApp number you provided, please reach us at [email protected] to have it fixed.

You will be receiving cleaning requests through our WhatsApp numberjust like you receive any other chats and messages.

Receiving and accepting requests
  • Requests are sent by clients through a specific command – #request– sent to our whatsapp profile, upon receiving this command, Supwork instantly sends a broadcast to every Supworker in the same location as the client who sent the request command. For example, Supworkers in Lefkosa only receive cleaning requests sent from clients in Lefkosa.
  • Each request comes with a special id and a special auto generated Accept command. You will normally receive requests in this form:

Hello there is 2+1 at Gonyeli that needs cleaning, if you are available and want this job, reply this message with #Lollipop

In the instance above, #Lollipop is an auto generated Accept command, so to accept the job you will have to reply to the request with #Lollipop.

  • Supwork selects the first available Supworker to successfully reply to the request with the required Accept command.

Like earlier stated, each request carries a special Accept command, therefore in instances where you receive multiple requests at the same time, please reply with the Accept command of the particular request you will like to take on. Multiple requests can come in this forms;

Hello there is 2+1 at Gonyeli that needs cleaning, if you are available and want this job, reply this message with #Lollipop.

Hello there is 1+1 at Catakoy that needs cleaning, if you are available and want this job, reply this message with #Kingdom.

Hello there is 3+1 at Hamitkoy that needs cleaning, if you are available and want this job, reply this message with #DataSet.

Note: The commands are case sensitive.

Connecting with Clients

After replying and accepting a job request with the required command, you will be prompted to send a ‘Hello’ to begin chatting with the client who sent the request you accepted.

Supwork enables a communication between a Supworker and a client through the Supwork whatsapp profile by creating a two-way communication path between the whatsapp accounts of the two parties. So the two parties are able to communicate by replying to each other through the Supwork WhatsApp number without the need to have each others contact.

Ending a session
  • While on a current job, Supwork automatically changes your status on our database to ‘Busy’ so that you do not get any requests while working.

       *  Supwork changes your status to ‘Busy’ the moment          you successfully accept a request.

  • To end a session, the client needs to send an End command followed by the amount paid to the Supworker to the Supwork whatsapp profile. Ending commands should come in this form;

#End 200

Where 200 is the amount paid to the supworker.


  • Earnings are recorded in Turkish Lira (TL)
  • Your status will remain as ‘Busy’ if the client doesn’t end the session and you will not get any request, so make sure the client ends the session when the cleaning job has been successfully rendered.
  • Only the client can end the session.
Payments and Commissions

Supwork requires that the client be billed by the Supworker rendering the cleaning services. We expect that matters such as ‘quotes’ should have been discussed before the Supworker leaves for the location of the client.

Clients are to pay with cash to the Supworker.

Supwork requires a commission of 20% on the earnings of every Supworker

  • Supwork is able to document how much you earn for each job.
  • Your Supwork account will be temporarily disabled on a weekly base from the moment of initial registration, to allow for commission payments.
  • During this time, if you have not redeemed your account by paying in the Supwork commissions, you will not be receiving cleaning requests as your account will be temporarily disabled.
  • You can login to your Portal on the Supwork website where you can view your job history and will be presented an option to pay in the required commission in order to redeem your account. Your job history will be displayed in the format below;
1/09/2020 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 200 40
1/10/2020 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 400 80
  • There will be information on how to make the commission payment
  • During this time, there is a period of two weeks before your account is permanently disabled.

After successfully paying the commissions to the bank account provided, take the following steps.

  • Take a picture of your receipt or bank teller and send it to the Supwork whatsapp number with the caption.


This will enable Supwork to identify that the image you are sending is for payment confirmation. Supwork will confirm your payment.

  • Hang tight you will be enabled 5 minutes after.

We want to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision and a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are an important piece of an ever growing puzzle. Thank you!

Happy Supworking – Supwork Support Team