Get cleaning services

As a startup we are bent on creating technology and improvising innovations to produce the world’s leading home cleaning app to better serve a community of home cleaners and their clients.

Some core problems we are creating solutions for when it comes to our users and clients are the problems of fast services delivery and getting a worker and the right worker when you need one

Although, still in a Beta stage, we have created this product to test our hypothesis. This product is designed to run on whatsapp, the easiest platform for communication.


  • This is a minimum viable product and is not meant to be perfect in any way.
  • This product is being ran in a controlled environment.


Every Supwork user is expected to go through a simple registration process. The following are required;

  1. Full name.
  2. Location.

You will be prompted to selected your city out of four, this will enable us connect you with the right Supworker for you.

Please note that you cannot change this later.

  1. Email address.
  2. Valid WhatsApp number.

Upon successful registration, you will get a message from us; 

Welcome to the Supwork demo!

To request a cleaner, please send the following (you can copy it and enter your correct details)


Size = 2 bedroom

Location = Gonyeli 

 To cancel the job with the worker that accepts please send #cancel 

When the job ends, please come back here and send #End with the amount paid (e.g #end 250) to end the job and enable the worker get another job. 

We wish you the best of luck

Thank you. 

If you do not receive this message it means there is a problem with the WhatsApp number you provided, please contact us at [email protected] to have it fixed.


Sending a request

To send a request for a cleaner, the command is #request

We will require that you enter the amount of bedrooms and the location of your apartment. You can copy the request command as it is displayed in the intro message and put it your details and send. Example:


Size = 2 bedroom

Location = Gonyeli

When you successfully send a request, Supwork sends a broadcast to all the workers in the same city as you selected during your registration.

Each request sent has a special auto generated accept command which available workers will need to send in order to accept your job request.

Supwork will connect you with the first worker that accepts your request.

Supwork enables a communication between a Supworker and a client through the Supwork whatsapp profile by creating a two-way communication path between the WhatsApp accounts of the two parties. So the two parties are able to communicate by replying to each other through the Supwork WhatsApp profile without the need to have each others contact.

Cancelling a request

In instances where;

  • You are unable to come to terms with the worker while discussing


  • The worker decides not to go on with the job


  • You decided you don’t need a cleaner anymore.

You can cancel the request by sending the cancel command:


When you cancel the job, to get another worker, you will be required to resend the request command.

Ending a session

After receiving the cleaning service to your fullest desire, you are obliged to end the job with the Supworker by sending the end command. (you need to enter how much you paid to the worker) - 

#end 300

- where 300 is the amount paid.


  • If you do not end the session with the worker, he/she will not get further requests.
  • Payments are recorded in Turkish Lira. If you are paying with dollars, please send the Turkish Lira equivalent of your payment.