Note from our CEO

Over a decade ago international students from different parts of the world started arriving in Cyprus, everyone with different dreams and aspirations ranging from academic accomplishments to financial liberation. This, of course, comes with plans, hopes, and in most cases, prayers.

I arrived in Cyprus in the Fall of 2015, and without being different I had hopes of working and studying at the same time. We have all fallen prey to the mischievous approach of most travel and educational consultants in our respective countries; the promise and assurance of finding allegedly reasonable jobs while you study. I eventually got a job on an orange farm where I worked without ever getting paid, so I had to quit. You have been there, you have experienced likewise, you have been exploited and you have grown.

I decided as opposed to what is normal, I would hire students rather than search for a job myself, a system needed to be created where students could wake up in the morning, go for their classes and be rest assured they could earn whenever they wanted. I started a cleaning business myself (KHC), I got my first client after 6 months and it was uphill from there. I eventually hired two students who started to do the cleaning in place of me, that solved the problem for two people, but could potentially solve it for hundreds.

Supwork is more than just another platform or business, to say the least; we are an experience turned into a product.

The idea for Supwork came as a result of a need to have a more sustainable international student community where students can work and earn because other students need cleaning services. My team and I: Manuel Chris-ogar (CTO) and Ahmed Hossam (VP of Design), have dedicated time and commitment to having this product in the hands of users. Supwork connects students who need home cleaning services to other students who are able and available to render these cleaning services. 

With over 300 students registered across Cyprus, cleaning requests are accepted in less than thirty (30) seconds and as opposed to my personal experience, Supworkers have no need for posters and flyers, and you don’t have to worry about not getting any cleaning requests in 6 months.

The question should no longer be “Is this problem solvable?” or “is it possible to build a system or product to solve this problem?”, the problem has been solved and the product has been built, the more pertinent questions now are “who needs the job, who needs the service?” and “how can we build a more sustainable international students community around this product?”.

We have the power now to write and shape the story and stories of the current decade, we at Supwork plan to do that one home cleaning request at a time, we want to enable you, the world, and your world to live more amply, with greater vision and a finer spirit of hope and achievement. We are also changing the narratives around home cleaners and the home cleaning service, we respect our home cleaners for taking the baton and stepping up to assist us with activities we deem mundane but are of great importance.

I want to close with my commitment to you: I won't be perfect, but I will listen to you; I will ensure that we treat our customers, our Supworkers, colleagues, and our community with respect; and I will run our company with passion, humility, integrity, and stellar execution. It’s a Supwork way.

Victor Ehinmowo

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