Workers Testimonials

Nonye (Nigerian):

I study architecture in NEU and it requires me to always buy materials for projects. I’ve been able to work and earn whenever I want through Supwork.

Nomsa (Zimbabwean)

Everybody I have cleaned for through Supwork has been very nice, maybe because they’ve been all Zimbabweans.

Munsa (Congo)

The cool thing at least for me is that I don’t have a boss even while working with Supwork.

Jenifer (Nigerian)

I used to work for a Salon here in Cyprus, I prefer working with Supwork.

Valmie (Cameroonian)

Apart from cleaning, Supwork has also enabled me to meet more Cameroonians in Cyprus.

Client Reviews

Godwin (Nigerian)

I got connected to a cleaner in less than 30 secs. Usually I’d spend a long time searching for a cleaner.

Micheal (Nigerian)

Smooth and seamless product, I love it.

Ahmed (Libyan)

The cleaner did an awesome job.

Tatenda (Zimbabwean)

Seeing another Zimbwabwean being able to work and earn just gives me joy, I’ll definitely be using Supwork to get a cleaner again.

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